Theories of Language Development 2 英語コミュニケーション学科



Post 5: Airi Takeda

We are learning about language learning in early childhood. This week we focused on the interaction between a child's innate ability to learn and the environment in which the child grows up. The environment is quite important, and adults have a great deal of influence on children. Depending on how adults respond, children may know when their speech is understood. Non-personal sources of language, such as television and radio, are not sufficient for children. However, once children have acquired some language, television can be a source of language and cultural information.

担当教員:越智 健太郎

I am interested in how we learn and best teach a second language. My area of interest includes teaching methodology (how we teach), materials development (with what we teach), and using technology for learning.

越智 健太郎