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Post 2: Luka Saito

We decided on the roles, and I became the zemi leader. I'd like to achieve learning applied linguistics with my classmates in the seminar. We will understand not only how to speak English but also how we learn it as a second language. As a leader, I'd like to be able to gather everyone's opinions when we decide things and help them when they don't understand anything.
In class, we talked about what is applied linguistics. Applied linguistics has many sub-genres including language acquisition, language policy and planning, and language of the law. We also discussed the differences between a foreign language versus a second language. Both mean a language other than our mother tongue, and there are many different languages in the world. The difference is how the language is used in the environment. When I go abroad to the USA to learn English, it will be a second language for me. English is used outside the classroom. The idea of bilingualism came up as well. Being bilingual means being a person who can speak two languages. When asked, "Are you bilingual," many people didn't accept it, but we learned that you don't need to be fluent in both languages to be bilingual!

担当教員:越智 健太郎

I am interested in how we learn and best teach a second language. My area of interest includes teaching methodology (how we teach), materials development (with what we teach), and using technology for learning.

越智 健太郎