Developmental Sequence 英語コミュニケーション学科


言語には発達順序(developmental sequence)があるとされています。例えば、英語母語話者の子どもが否定を示す際には、"no"だけで示す段階から徐々に動詞の前に否定語を付けるようになります。習得のスピードは個人差が大きいのですが、面白いことに順序は基本的に共通だとされています。

Post 3: Riho Goto

At the seminar on April 26, we learned more about how first languages are acquired or what happens before and after education. Newborn babies communicate with their mothers and fathers by breathing and making sounds (ex. pa and ba) because they can't yet speak well. By the age of 1, they aren't yet able to form sentences or words, but they can communicate in a somewhat understandable way. Before they start school, they learn many words by listening to their parents talk to each other. Then, once they are educated, they learn to write words as letters because they understand that words have form. Schooling helps develop children's metalinguistic awareness.

担当教員:越智 健太郎

I am interested in how we learn and best teach a second language. My area of interest includes teaching methodology (how we teach), materials development (with what we teach), and using technology for learning.

越智 健太郎