Faculty of Humanities

"Culture", the primary subject of study in Keisen University's Faculty of Humanities, ranges from philosophy and religion to social and natural sciences such as politics, gender studies and ecology. Our interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to develop women with a significant understanding of humanitarianism for this age of globalization. Established in 1988, Keisen University is by its constitution oriented towards a supranational perspective of the world. The Faculty of Humanities now consists of two departments as follows; the Department of Japanese Language and Culture and the Department of English Communication(History and Culture Department has suspended enrollment from 2017 admission). This faculty aims to develop students' ability through traditional liberal arts to lead them to become global citizens.

Extension Curricula

Common Subjects

All Keisen students can pursue studies in the areas of Christianity, Nature and Environment, Peace and Society, and Information Technology.

Foreign Language Study

Students can develop their English skills through required ('Eigo' program) and elective courses such as Business English, L&L, and Internet English. Courses are also offered in Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Spanish and Thai. Academic credit for designated achievements in TOEFL, EIKEN, TOEIC and relevant achievements in other languages are offered.

Teacher Training

Educating the next generation to be mentally and physically sound is an important responsibility. Keisen's teacher-training curriculum helps students develop their inner growth and self-esteem while acquiring junior high and senior high school teaching certificates. Keisen graduates currently teach junior and senior high schools all over Japan.

Japanese-Language Training Course

Today, the number of people interested in Japanese culture and learning the Japanese language has been increasing. To meet this worldwide demand, Keisen offers courses to encourage and train students to become Japanese language instructors. Keisen graduates currently teach in Japan and Thailand.

Department of Japanese Language and Culture

Diversity is the key word of this department. Be it literature, art or social issues, you can tailor studies about Japanese history and culture to match your own interests and needs. We often see a tiny heap of salt at the entrance to Japanese restaurants. Can you explain the reason for this? In the 10,000 years since the Japanese archipelago broke off from the Asian continent, its inhabitants have been inspired by varieties of cultural patterns all over the world and have constructed their own unique cultural identity. The curriculum of this department helps you study Japanese culture and language from multiple aspects through international and contemporary perspectives. A wide variety of courses ranging from Japanese history, Japanese language, classic and contemporary literature, to intercultural communication and social science are offered.

Department of English Communication

This department offers a broad-based curriculum that is designed to help students acquire practical English skills as a 'must' tool for global communications. The aim of this department is to develop students' English communication ability through multi-cultural perspectives to accelerate mutual understanding with people from different backgrounds and cultures. All students in this department are encouraged to participate in our study-English-abroad programs. Being exposed to "others" of diverse races, nationalities and cultures, students can develop practical English communication skills to become global citizens. Courses such as Gender Studies, Psycho-Linguistics, British Literature, British and American Theatre Performances and Educational Theory and Practice are offered.