Admission information

Thank you for your interest in our University. Admission procedures for Keisen University are as follow.

Admission Categories

・International Student Admission
・General Student Admission (Japanese )

Number to be admitted ( Total of General and International students)

Department of Japanese Language and Culture 60
Department of English Communication 70
Department of International Social Studies 90
Department of Psychology and Horticulture 70
Total 290


・Graduate Admissions (Japanese )

Special enrollment for International students

All necessary documents must be submitted in either way below

Mail : 5th (Thur)Jan 2017 to 20th (Fri)Jan 2017
Admission office counter (Open hours 10am to 3pm*): 5th (Thur)Jan 2017 to
20th (Fri)Jan 2017
*Sat , Sun, and public holidays are not included

Documents for submission
1) Application form
2) Certificate of graduation and transcript of the latest school graduated (or going to be graduated)
3) Transcript and attendance status of the Japanese Language school.(Only those who now belongs to the Japanese Language School)
4) Official notice (such as transcript, certificate or letter) showing the completion of study of English
5) Certificate of "Examination for Japanese University admission for International students" or "Japanese Language Proficiency Test"
6) Statement of Educational background
7) Financial or bank statement
8) One copy of Residence card and Passport

Undergraduate admission applications for international students of Keisen University shall be accepted subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions.

Applicant must be a woman of foreign nationality and fulfills either subject of 1 to 3 and 4 to 5.

1. Applicant who have completed or expected to have completed a minimum of twelve years of school education at overseas as of 31st Mar 2017. And must also have university admission requirement of the country or must have equivalent requirement and have been appointed by the Minister of Education. Or one who have been recognized by Keisen University having fulfilled the equivalent condition.

2. Applicant who is over the age of 18 and have completed or expected to have completed the course in a school at a foreign country that corresponds to high school(in Japan) and also have (or expected to have completed by 31st Mar 2017) the propaedeutic course of admission for Japanese University at an educational institution which is approved by the ministry of education .

3. Applicant who is over the age of 18 and have (or expected to have completed by 31st Mar 2017) course, that is equivalent to the foreigner‘s school in Japan, and is approved by its foreign ministry of education as a course of its educational institution. Or one who have completed the equivalent course and have (or expected to have completed by 31st Mar 2017) the propaedeutic course of admission for Japanese University.

4. Applicant who have studied English at any of the schools mentioned above. ( English is compulsory curriculum at Keisen University. Applicant should at least be over level3 of English proficiency test or the elementary level of Japanese high school)

5. Applicant must have taken N2 or Level2 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test or have scored over 200points in the Japanese Language section of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students.

Admission procedures fee

30,000 yen

Examination dates

28th (sat) Jan 2017

Announcement of results

1st (wed) Feb 2017

Admissions procedures

Documents and study fee must be submitted by the following dates.
The process can be divided in two steps.
<1st step>1st (wed) Feb 2017 to 14th (tue) Feb 2017
<2nd step>1st (wed) Feb 2017 to 8th (wed) Mar 2017

Screening procedures

1. Japanese understanding test(60min・marks will be examined out of 50points)
2. Interview(approximately 20min・marks will be examined out of 30points)
Total 80points
Total evaluation of 1 and 2