Faculty of Human and Social Studies

An Issue-oriented Approach, Critical Thinking and Field Study Program characterize this faculty, which consists of two departments as follows International Social Studies and Psychology and Horiticulture(Studies on Contemporary Society Department has suspended enrollment from 2017 admission). This faculty was established in 2005 with the broader goal of internationalism and coexistence in order to pursue the problems of the globe today. To develop insights into social human behavior, patterns of human relationships and environmental problems is another goal of this faculty. Students can take a wide range of courses and uniquely-designed field study programs based on an issue-oriented approach. This department trains students to acquire critical and comparative perspectives to bring about favorable co-existence and actual solutions to accumulated problems of this planet.

Extension Curricula

Common Subjects

All Keisen students can pursue studies in the areas of Christianity, Nature and Environment, Peace and Society, and Information Technology.

Foreign Language Study

Students can develop their English skills through required ('Eigo' program) and elective courses such as Business English, L&L, and Internet English. Courses are also offered in Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Spanish and Thai. In addition to those courses, academic credit for designated achievements in TOEFL, EIKEN, TOEIC and relevant achievements in other languages are offered.

Teacher Training

Educating the next generation to be mentally and physically sound is an important responsibility. Keisen's teacher-training curriculum helps students develop inner growth and self-esteem while acquiring junior high and high school teaching certificates. Keisen graduates currently teach junior and senior high schools all over Japan.

Japanese-Language Training Course

Today, the number of people interested in Japanese culture and learning the Japanese language has been increasing. To meet this worldwide demand, Keisen offers courses to encourage and train students to become Japanese language instructors. Keisen graduates currently teach in Japan and Thailand.

Department of International Social Studies

The dark side of globalization and constant ethnic and religious disputes characterize one aspect of our planet today. People all over the world have been trying to solve such crucial issues; however, mighty solutions have yet to come. The goal of this department is to train students to become global citizens who can contribute themselves to bringing about world peace through interdisciplinary approaches. 'Nation and region', 'Asia and Development', 'Citizens and Human Rights' are three main pillars of this department. Students can deepen their knowledge through course work, and Field Studies, a uniquely tailor-made program. Students have opportunities to participate in Long Term Filed Study, a six-month-program in Thailand, and short term field studies in the USA, China, South Korea, Thailand and other countries and areas. The curriculum is designed to meet students' academic and practical interests, curiosity and needs. A wide range of courses such as Gender Studies, International Agriculture/Horticulture Studies, Minority Studies, Peace Studies, ODN /NGO Theory and Practice are offered.

Department of Psychology and Horiticulture.

Established in 2001, this department is characterized by 'Psychology', 'Environment' and 'Horticulture'. Its concern is to explore the complicated relationship between human beings and nature from psychological, gender, and life ethics perspectives. Today's economic-driven society forms a severe hierarchy of 'survival of the fittest', and destroys not only favorable relationships among people, but also coexistence of human beings and nature. Courses of this department range from Women's Studies, sustainable development theories, horticulture theories to psychological education. Active use of computers is another characteristic of this department. All students are encouraged to have their own Personal Computer to take required Computer Statistics course, and trained to acquire the basic skills of data analysis.