Message from the president

大日向 雅美

My area of specialization is Developmental Psychology. I have been teaching subjects such as Child Development, the Psychology of Family Relationships, Parent-Child Relations, and the Psychology of Women during the 27 years I have been working at Keisen. In life, through a variety of experiences with others, you come to recognise your weaknesses, and with a sense of gratitude to those who love and support you, I would like you to try to live determinedly and flexibly.
As a psychologist and as a mother of two daughters, I have had this hope for young women. In life it is never "too late" for anything. At any time we may be given another opportunity to start anew. The belief in lifelong growth and continuing change, called "lifelong development", is the basic philosophy of developmental psychology. But, we cannot do this alone. We always have someone watching us, someone who will reach out to help us, so that we can continue to move forward.

I like the following words of Keisen's founder, Michi Kawai: "We have the expectation to grow, to develop, to evolve, because of our deficiencies. Hope arises from this." Unlimited possibilities and bountiful time await you young people. Going forward one step at a time, don't become discouraged no matter what happens, and develop your potential at Keisen in your own style. We, all of the staff and faculty of Keisen, are here for that very reason- to help you from the bottom of our hearts. Always remember that.

Masami Ohinata,President